Multi Head Air Conditioning Units

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A Multi Split System Air Conditioning unit has an outdoor and multiple indoor units. A Multi Split System Air Conditioner is versatile, clean, quiet and energy efficient. The indoor units can be placed in many locations, they also allow for quiet operation and easy use.

Multi Split Systems provided for cooling and heating all year round. They have also been designed to be discrete to blend in with your home décor.

Multi Split systems come with an individual controller to operate each indoor system allowing for complete comfort with the flexibility to choose your own temperature in each room.

Multi-split Systems comprise of multiple indoor units attached to a single outdoor unit. Depending on the brand selected, limitations exist as to the number and capacity of the units available.

The benefits of multi-split systems include less space requirements outside, ideal for air conditioning or heating more than one room and all the features of standard split system air conditioners. The multi-split system can also be inverter driven (see section on inverter driven split systems).

Today, Inverter Multi-Split Systems can come in a variety of combinations and configurations. For example, an inverter multi-split system can be designed for you with wall or floor mounted indoor units, ceiling-cassettes or small hide-away ducted units all attached to the one outdoor unit. Some models run on single phase power only and can run up to seven indoor units with a single powerful outdoor unit.