Air Con Is Not Working, Broken or Faulty

Air con is not working.

Air con is not working or doesn’t seem to be performing like it should? Sometimes the simplest things could be the cause of the problem.

  1. Are the batteries good on the air conditioning remote control?
  2. Is the remote control mode set to Cooling ( Snowflake ) or Heating ( Sun )? Make sure mode is set to the appropriate setting for your desired outcome.
  3. On the remote control make sure that the temperature is not set to high or to low. The most effective temperature for optimum operation is 24C in summer and 22 C in Winter.
  4. Is the fan set to auto or high? Having a lower setting may not push enough air into the room.
  5. Is the circuit breaker in the on position in the power board?
  6. Is the isolator (off/on switch) in the ON position next to the indoor or outdoor unit?
  7. Are the filters cleaned?
  8. Are there any objects hindering the airflow of the indoor or outdoor unit?

If your air con is not working after all these checks then it may be time to call the experts at  Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning. But before you do please note the following:

  • What brand of  air conditioning unit do you have?
  • Is the unit under 5 years old and still under warrenty? If so you will need a proof of purchase or invoice showing purchase date.
  • Is the system a wall mounted or ducted split system?
  • Is a fault code shown on the controller? If so please note it down before calling us.
  • Are there any flashing lights on the indoor unit or remote control?
  • Does the indoor or outdoor unit seem to be working?

Common Air Conditioning Questions

How often should I clean my filter? Twice a year for domestic installations. This may vary depending on how often you use the unit. Usually before summer and before winter.

I have a ducted air conditioning unit and the air only comes out in part of the house? Many ducted systems have zones that allow certain rooms to be turned on or off. If one of these zones has become faulty in the off position no air will come out of the zone.

During the heating cycle a white mist is expelled from the outdoor fans? This mist is normal during winter, especially if the outdoor temperature falls to below single digits. This is caused by warm water vapour being expelled.

My outdoor unit is leaking! This is normal during the heating cycle.

My air conditioning unit does not heat as soon as it is turned on! There is usually a 3-5 minute delay before the indoor unit fan starts working as the outdoor unit needs to warm up. If the indoor fan started straight away you would get cold air blowing on you.

My air conditioning is not working after an electrical storm! Check the circuit breaker is turned on. Then turn the isolator (off/on switch) off for 30 seconds before turning it back on. This will reset your air conditioning unit. If the unit still does not work then its time to give us a call. If you have the’fusion insurance’ option under your home and contents insurance then you may be covered for repairs.

My air conditioning unit smalls funny! This can be the result of a build up of mould. Likewise, if you have asthma or any other respiratory illness, mould is a risk factor that can contribute to poor health. Our premium clean can remove this mould and return your unit to near new condition.

If the above suggestions do not fix your air conditioning unit then feel free to contact us.


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