Air Conditioning Energy Star Rating

What Is The Air Conditioning Energy Star Rating?

The air conditioning energy star rating is an indicator of how efficient an appliance is compared to a similar product of the same size.

This air conditioning energy star rating is based on standardised testing which is required by law and conducted in line with Australian and New Zealand standards. It is a simple and fair way of comparing the energy consumption of products that perform a similar task.

The higher the amount of stars the more energy efficient this unit will be.

Most split system air conditioning units will have an energy star rating of between 1 and 6. These stars can increase in half star increments.

Ducted air conditioning units are not required to have an energy rating however this can be calculated by using the information below.


If the air conditioning unit has a heating and cooling function (reverse cycle) then a red sticker will be used for the heating star rating and a blue sticker for the cooling rating. Some newer appliances now have up to 10 stars to reflect there energy efficiency. If a product is rated at 6 stars or less, it will not show the extra star ‘super efficiency rating’ band above the normal six stars.

The above example shows that the unit is rated 7 stars while in the cooling mode and 4 stars in the heating mode. When comparing air conditioning units you can compare the effiency of different units using the star ratings. It is important that you compare these units with other units with the same or similar size. You can find the output size of the unit in the middle of the label as seen below.


Capacity output and power input

These figures show you the amount of heating or cooling an air conditioning unit can produce. For air conditioners, the measure of energy efficiency is the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) for cooling and the Coefficient Of Performance (COP) for heating. The EER and COP are defined as the capacity output divided by the power input. This can be calculated in the above example as 4.75 (power output) divided by 0.82 (power input). This gives an EER of 5.79. The higher the EER and COP the more energy efficent the unit will be.


What Does Air Conditioning Energy Consumption Mean?

This is a number that represents how much electricity a particular model will use.

This is also based on standardised testing which is required by law and conducted in line with Australian and New Zealand standards.

This number can be used to let you know how much power this unit will consume over a year. You can use this number to compare any model – even if the sizes or capacities are not the same. A standard kilowatt is usually about .028 cents per hour – this can change depending on your electricity provider or change if you have solar panels.

The average cost to run a reverse cycle air conditioning unit is estimated to be between  $0.20 – $0.35 per hour. A medium sized room of 36sqm would cost $0.30 – $0.70 per hour to run. A larger area (50sqm) will cost between $0.70 and $1.00 per hour to run.

A ducted air conditioning unit can cost between $0.50 and $3.50 per hour to run. The amount of zones and rooms turned on at the same time can make a significant difference.

There are many factors to allow for when calculating a room. Window size and position, ceiling heights, direct sun onto walls, shading, insulation in the walls and roof and the amount of people or equipment in the room.


Air conditioning energy star rating calculator


An air conditioning energy star rating calculator can be viewed here  to rate air conditioning units and other appliances.

A free app can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play

Once you have purchased your air conditioning unit make sure that it is well maintained and serviced. This will make sure that it is running at its peak and most efficient.

Having the indoor unit premium cleaned will make sure there is not a build up of mould and dirt in the coils, fan and in the drip tray.

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