Air Conditioning Installation Specialist

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Air Conditioning Installation Specialist

Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning are your Air Conditioning Installation Specialist. We believe the customer always comes first and strive to meet the clients needs.

The installation team is made up of specialists who have worked within the industry for many years. From the initial online or phone contact we will do our best to find the right cooling and heating solution that is best for you.
Unlike so many other companies we won’t push a certain brand of air conditioning unit to boost our commission or get a free holiday. We will however give you a choose of a number of air conditioning brands to choose from.

Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning

Brands we use are all well known names, with manufacturers 5 year warranties. We prefer to supply all leading brands of air conditioner to Gold Coast homeowners and businesses.

We can offer our opinion on what brands we think are best and then we recommend you do your research and make up your decision for yourself.

Air Conditioning Quotes

We can provide a quote no matter how big or small your room or house is. Whether it’s a split system for a small bedroom, a multi head unit for several rooms or a large temperature controlled ducted unit to efficiently cool or heat your house. If you have an existing home or are planning to build, we can find a solution to match your needs.

Our quotes are easy to follow, giving you a number of units to select as well as any other options you may choose. Air conditioning specifications are also provided so you can get a relative comparison between each brand – weather its unit size or star ratings.

Click on a link below to be taken directly to the manufacturers website where you can look over all the unit’s features.

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