Air Conditioning Tips

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Air Conditioning Tips

Air conditioning tips and hints to get the most out of your air conditioning unit.

1.     If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, ask us about a PeakSmart compatible unit. This will regulate the output of the system during peak demand and use less energy. You’ll also remain cool and be eligible for a $200 to $400 rebate courtesy of Energex.

2.     Clean the filters and replace if necessary. This is one of the most important air conditioning tips as dirty filters can cause many problems.

3.     Clear away debris from the fins of outdoor unit including leaves, twigs, dirt and animal hair. This allows more air to circulate around the unit and prevents debris entering the system and causing problems. Do not block of circulation by having objects to close to the outdoor unit.

4.     Seal  air gaps around windows and under doors when using the AC system.

5.     Set your air conditioning system to 24 degrees on the cooling mode and 22 degrees on the heating mode. This is a good compromise between your power bill and your comfort. Every degree difference will add around 10 per cent running costs to your air conditioning bill.

6.     Always shut off areas where possible. For ducted systems enable zones where air conditioning is most required. Temperature controlled zones are the most economical to run with your air conditioning unit.

7.     Make sure you set your air conditioning in the bedroom to switch off during the evening and if you have ceiling fans consider using these in conjunction with an AC system to cool the home faster – especially when you first get home. This will also help to save on operating costs.

8. Make sure your air conditioning unit is well maintained and serviced. Low refrigerant will make your system run longer and harder and will cost you more in electricity.

9.    If your air conditioning unit starts to smell and mould can be seen inside by the fan then it may be time for our premium clean and service.

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