Air Conditioning Units

Below is a list of some of the air conditioning units we supply, install and service. All units are inverter (variable speed compressors) reverse cycle (hot and cold) models that come with a five year parts and labour warranty.


Kelvinator air conditioners are built for the harsh and varied Australian climate.
With corrosion resistance on both the indoor and outdoor units, you can relax knowing that your air conditioner will
last no matter where you live.

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Fujitsu air conditioning proudly say that they are ‘Australia’s Favourite Air’ because they are Australia’s leading supplier of air conditioning units.Their combination of technology, insight and design will provide the most effective and efficient air conditioning solution for you.

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A global leader in air conditioning solutions with five decades of experience in the industry, their products are sold every day in over 120 countries around the world. They believe that the true value in Panasonic air conditioning units comes from extensive testing in reliability and uninterrupted operations that you can count on for years to come.

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Mitsubishi Electric

Quiet, energy-saving, clean and attractive air conditioners in a variety of designs to suit diversified needs; this is the air conditioning excellence offered by Mitsubishi Electric. With stylish lines for the living room and quiet operation for the bedroom, our air conditioning units are designed for comfort, durability, health and efficiency.

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With its advanced and innovative technology, the L-Series by Daikin is an energy efficient Split System to heat or cool your home. Daikin Split Systems have many economical features, and one of the largest ranges available, offering reliable and flexible solutions to suit any room or house.

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Brands and Brochures

We sell most brands and types of air conditioning units including Kelvinator, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Gree, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Delonghi and Daikin.

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Solutions For You

Whether your requirements are for one room with a wall mounted split system, or a ducted system with individual room temperature control we can design and install the perfect system for you. We also offer air conditioning maintenance and servicing. If your unit is suffering from mould and foul smells then you will benefit from our air conditioning premium cleaning service.

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Wall Hung Split System Air Conditioning Units

A Split System Air Conditioning unit consists of an indoor unit piped through the wall to an outdoor unit. It is versatile, clean, and energy efficient. They also allow for quiet operation and easy use.

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Ducted Air Conditioning Units

These are a split type ducted system. As the name implies these air conditioners have there indoor unit positioned normally in the roof space where it is connected to special ducting that enables air to be distributed to multiple rooms.

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Ducted Zones and Controls

Standard ducted air conditioning units are sold with the manufacturers brand wall controller which is normally installed next to a zone switch. There are many options available including touch screens, temperature controlled rooms and use your air con with your phone.

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Multi Head Wall Units

A Multi Split System Air Conditioning unit has an outdoor and multiple indoor units. A Multi Split System Air Conditioner is versatile, clean, quiet and energy efficient. The indoor units can be placed in many locations, they also allow for quiet operation and easy use.

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Inverter Air Conditioning Type Units

By incorporating a variable speed compressor, the inverter split system regulates the frequency of power required to match the outside and indoor air temperature, set temperature and room size.

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Cassette Units

These systems are designed to be compact and flush mounted in your ceiling space. With super quite operating they are less intrusive then wall mounted units and very efficient.

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Floor Mounted Units - Under Ceiling Units

This system operates on the same principle as the Hi-wall except the wall mounted console is replaced by an attractive floor console or it can be mounted under the ceiling.

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Room Air Conditioning Units

Ideal for the home or office, these are the most economically priced air conditioning units. They are either fitted to windows, or for reduced noise levels, installed in a specially cut wall opening.

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Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Gold Coast has only selected brands that offer a full manufacturers five years parts and labour warranty, that are quiet and efficient in their operation and have a commitment to protecting our environment. Our fully qualified installation team and service technicians, backed by our experienced sales and design engineers, will provide you with many years of trouble free, comfortable living.
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