cassette air conditioning unit Cassette Air Conditioning Units

The cassette air conditioning unit systems is designed to be compact and flush mounted in your ceiling space. A cassette usually comes with a large grill which allows air to be sucked through the middle and then pushed through one of the 4 adjustable louvers. This allows for greater distribution of air as the cold air falls downwards and towards the floor therefore giving exceptional coverage in large rooms.

Being in the ceiling allows for the unit to be concealed and all that is visible is the four way grill.

These units are ideal for small ceiling spaces where ducting is not possible. They also have a drain pump which allows the condensate water to be pumped to the desired location. With super quite operating they are less intrusive then wall mounted units as well and are very energy efficient.  Extremely discreet, with only the grill showing in the ceiling. Usually installed in offices or where there is limited roof space.

They come with either a  infra-red wireless remote or wall controller to operate the system. They have advance functions to allow for complete flexibility and customisation to allow your air conditioner to be used to it’s full potential.