Ducted Air Conditioning Units

These are a split type ducted air conditioning system. As the name implies these air conditioners have their indoor unit positioned normally in the roof space. They are connected to special ducting that enables air to be distributed to multiple rooms, making them the air conditioning system of choice to cool Gold Coast homes.

A fully ducted air conditioning system allows you to heat or cool your whole house 24 hours a day. Or you can select the rooms you wish to air condition and save on running costs – for example cooling your living areas during the day and cooling your bedrooms at night. With the choice of thermostats, time clocks, and zoning options it allows for complete personalisation while making sure that you are comfortable all year round, and most importantly increased energy efficiency.

The ducted air conditioning unit is the ultimate in air conditioning providing unobtrusive, quiet climate control. Importantly, they represent the best value for money when comparing the available area they can air condition versus the capital cost. The latest advancements allows you to keep different rooms at different temperatures, for example, your master bedroom could be cooling to 23 degrees while your media room is heating to 25 degrees.

Because the outdoor condensing units are located away from the indoor fan coil unit, you normally won’t hear a murmur from it. Inside the air flows quietly through unobtrusive ceiling vents, thus providing the year round comfort conditions you’ve always desired. Ductwork from the indoor unit, usually mounted in the ceiling, can run virtually anywhere you wish in your house, and is only limited by the design of your house. Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning uses only quality fittings – flexible acoustic fire rated ductwork with insulation, quality plastic ceiling diffusers and insulated manufacturer specified heavy wall copper and insulation, connecting the indoor and outdoor units.

A fully ducted air conditioning split system is a large investment but you will be rewarded with perfect temperature control all year round, together with extremely quiet operation and improved indoor air quality. Thermostats, time-clocks and zone controllers used in different configurations give you greater flexibility, comfort and most importantly increased energy efficiency.

Zoning Explained
Your ducted air conditioning split system can be designed to provide perfect climate control throughout your home. Alternatively we can design your air conditioning system to operate in two or more discrete zones which can be heated or cooled at different times of the day. For example, you may wish to cool living areas by day and bedrooms by night. That way, your not wasting energy by cooling rooms which are not in use, with zone control you can use a smaller air conditioning unit to achieve the desired level of comfort, making zoning extremely energy efficient.

Zoning works through the use of motorised controlled dampers situated within the duct work in your ceiling space. Control is through a touch pad positioned next to your main air conditioning controller that allows you to turn zones on and off at will. The size of each zone is only limited to the size of your air conditioning system. For the ultimate in ducted air conditioning control install a MyAir zoning system. This allows for temperature and fan control to each zone via a touch-pad, smartphone or tablet.

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From early on, we recognised to become successful we had to build a trustworthy reputation. It was important to have reliable, friendly and well trained staff who could also offer full after sales services to our customers for many years after their purchase.
Today, this has helped us grow into one of the leading  Air Conditioning Gold Coast installation specialists. We can supply and install an air conditioning system to suit your exact personal requirements and budget, from a single split system air conditioner to suit a small bedroom or office, to a custom designed ducted air conditioning system for your home or for multi storey developments.
A well designed and installed air conditioning system is a long term investment which will offer you added value as well as personal comfort and lower running costs. Our reputation for high quality, hassle free work, backed up by our after sales service offers you peace of mind for many years to come.

Solutions For You

Whether your requirements are for one room with a wall mounted split system, or a ducted system with individual room temperature control we can design and install the perfect system for you. We also offer air conditioning maintenance and servicing. If your unit is suffering from mould and foul smells then you will benefit from our air conditioning premium cleaning service.
Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Gold Coast has only selected brands that offer a full manufacturers five years parts and labour warranty, that are quiet and efficient in their operation and have a commitment to protecting our environment. Our fully qualified installation team and service technicians, backed by our experienced sales and design engineers, will provide you with many years of trouble free, comfortable living.
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