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Multi Head Air Conditioning Units

multi head air conditioning


A Multi Split System Air Conditioning unit has an outdoor and multiple indoor units. These units come in a come in a variety of combinations and configurations. For example, you could have a wall mounted indoor unit in the master bedroom,  a ceiling-cassette in the rumpus room and a ducted unit in the main living room. All of these indoor units would be attached to the one outdoor unit. Most units can have between 2 – 5 units connected to them however there are options for an unlimited amount of connected units. The only limit to how many unit you can have is your budget.

These units are versatile, clean, quiet and energy efficient. The indoor units can be placed in many locations, they also allow for quiet operation and easy use.

The multi split provides both cooling and heating all year round. They have also been designed to be discrete to blend in with your home décor.

These systems come with an individual controller to operate each indoor system allowing for complete comfort with the flexibility to choose your own temperature in each room. They do not however, allow one room to be cooling while another is heating.

Multi-split air conditioning systems comprise of multiple indoor units attached to a single outdoor unit. Depending on the brand selected, limitations exist as to the number and capacity of the units available.

The benefits of multi-split systems are only one outdoor unit.  ideal for air conditioning or heating more than one room and all the features of standard split system air conditioners. The multi-split system is inverter driven.

The downside of a multi head unit are they are sometimes more expensive to buy then buying the equivalent amount of single units.

The installation costs are sometimes more than single units due to all the pipes and wires having to be run to the one outdoor position.

Some models run on single phase power only and can run up to seven indoor units with a single powerful outdoor unit. Bigger units need a three phase power supply.