Daikin Air Conditioningdaikin air conditioning

With its advanced and innovative technology, the L-Series by Daikin is an energy efficient split system to heat or cool your home.  Daikin air conditioning split systems have many economical features, and one of the largest ranges available, offering reliable and flexible solutions to suit any room or house.

  • Daikin’s 24 hour weekly timer provides a customised 7 day program with the ability to preset up to 4 settings per day. Furthermore the 3-D airflow combines vertical and horizontal auto swing to circulate warm or cool air throughout large spaces. Standby power function reduces energy consumption when the system is not in use.
  • Econo mode reduces the maximum operating current and power consumption of the outdoor unit by approximately 30% during start-up. This provides outstanding energy efficiency and convenience when using multiple air conditioners and electrical devices simultaneously.
  • Inverter Technology – An inverter based system continually adjusts its cooling and heating output in accordance with the temperature in the room.  When the desired temperature is reached, inverter technology ensures it is constantly maintained – keeping you comfortable at the same time running more efficiently than a non-inverter. Daikin’s Reluctance DC motor utilises powerful neodymium magnets that are 10 times stronger than conventional ferrite magnets.  By maximising torque, Daikin’s Reluctance DC motor can boost efficiency by 20% higher than conventional motors.
  • 2-Area Intelligent Eye – This is an infrared sensor with the ability to sense movement. When in the room, the intelligent eye directs air flow away from occupants to prevent cold draughts. However, should you leave for more than 20 minutes the air conditioner automatically changes to an energy efficient operation. (Applicable to some models only)
  • Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation – Outdoor unit sound levels can be reduced by 3 decibels (dB) for times when quieter operations are needed.
  • Auto Operations – For year round comfort, this function allows the unit to automatically switch between heating and cooling mode as required.
  • Wireless LAN Connection – Daikin air conditioning units have a  Wi-Fi connection that lets you set and even schedule the temperature of your unit from anywhere using Android and Apple Systems. So now, you can manage the climate in your home efficiently and conveniently when you are away.