Ducted Air Conditioning with the AirTouch 3 Management System.

Meet AirTouch 3. The smartest ducted air control system yet.

With its stylish touch screen display and remote App control from your smart device, the all new AirTouch 3 is an integrated, all in one control for your air conditioning unit, as well as being a great zone management system.

Enhance your Air Conditioning

AirTouch will maximise your air conditioner’s potential in your home, providing more comfort and energy savings. AirTouch 3 features superior temperature monitoring, a user friendly touch screen interface, and better airflow management than ever before.

More Capability

AirTouch 3 was created to allow you to control up to 16 zones from one or two AC units in your home. As you’ll only need to heat or cool the rooms you are using, you’ll experience enhanced comfort, convenience, and energy savings with your air conditioner.

Precise Control

AirTouch 3 gives you control of the air flow in each zone in 5% increments, and lets you adjust their set point temperature from the touch screen wall panel or any family members’ smartphone or tablet. You can also monitor temperatures from the App or touch screen.*

When the sun comes out, AirTouch shines!

AirTouch 3’s Individual Temperature Control (ITC) feature lets everyone enjoy their own favourite temperature in the zone they are in.* It also helps your air conditioning to run more efficiently:

When the sun rises and warms up the rooms on one side of your house, AirTouch 3 will adjust their air flow to maintain temperature, and not waste air on rooms already comfortable.

This new level of comfort control is achieved with optional wireless Individual Temperature Control sensors to actively monitor temperature changes around your home and adjust airflow accordingly. It will not only help you save money, but can offer you a new level of peace of mind: Imagine using it to monitor and control the conditioned air flow in your children’s bedroom as now you can be sure they don’t feel too hot or too cold while they sleep. Learn more.

Smartphone App for iOS or Android

Make your home comfortable from anywhere.

AirTouch features an easy to use App for Apple iOS or Google Android to let you control your air conditioning from anywhere either via WiFi when you are at home or over the internet when you are away.

The App lets you control your air conditioner just like the touchpad! As well as controlling and monitoring the temperatures throughout your home, you can also choose to receive temperature alerts when you are away if the house gets too warm or cold while you are out, and then choose to turn on the air conditioning so home is comfortable for when you walk in the door. Lean more.

– Turn your air conditioning on or off;
– Adjust and check up on individual temperatures around your home;
– Change your mode from Cool, Heat, Fan, Dry or Automatic;
– Adjust Fan Speed;
– Choose to activate a parental lock.

Smart Energy Management

AirTouch can help you save energy, and money on your power bill.

When we designed AirTouch 3, we wanted to make sure that you got a return on your investment. Turn off zones not in use. Only run the AC where you need it. Turn off the AC away from home if you forgot to when you left. All with AirTouch 3 and the clever App!

With AirTouch’s smart energy and airflow management, intuitive zone control, temperature and system run time tracking features, you can be sure of the highest levels of efficiency from your family’s air conditioning system. Learn more. 

Control up to 16 zones.

Touch Screen

Turbo Mode – We’ve designed our air control systems to cater to people with different needs, even those who love having friends over for dinners or parties. This is where the Turbo Zone function comes in handy. Although the system helps you to heat or cool only the rooms you are using, this exceptional component of the  AirTouch 3 allows the system to direct more air to a specific area. As the name implies, the Turbo feature changes the temperature of a zone quickly, and maintains it for as long as you want.

Individual temperature control* – If you are a home owner and have been having issues with rooms which are always warmer or colder than others are, then owning an air control system equipped with individual temperature sensors is the ideal solution. Whatever the reason is for those rooms having temperatures out of sync, there is a fool proof way to even out the air flow in your house which in the long run will save you money and help with energy conservation.

Add value to your home living and enjoy the latest technology

Remote control from your smart device or a crystal clear, HD touch screen display (12.7 x 10cm); driven by state of the art climate control sensors.

AirTouch 3 tracks your air conditioner’s running time helping you to monitor and manage your energy usage.Save energy with your air conditioning with Smart energy management

Designed from the start for mobile and tablet integration

For control of your inverter air conditioning unit from anywhere! Turn on or off, monitor and adjust settings from the couch or other side of the world. You can even receive home temperature alerts away from home. Have total control of your ducted air conditioning from your phone or tablet via WiFi or the internet. Created with busy family lifestyles in mind, our AirTouch App turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control and monitoring system for your air conditioner wherever you are.

Control 2 separate AC units** and up to 16 individual zones for most major air conditioner brands

No need for 2 control systems if you have more than 1 air conditioner, such as in a 2 storey home. AirTouch lets you control 2 from 1 panel or app.

Easily setup for each season with timers for different days

AirTouch’s 5-1-1 timer lets you set individual automatic climate control events for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.

Clever management of personal comfort

With AirTouch 3 you can specify a temperature to individual zones, which the system monitors and adjusts airflow as required so you don’t need to think about it.

Warranty that gives you peace of mind

You need a panel that is reliable and going to last. AirTouch parts and components are manufactured with superior quality, and adhere to strict Australian regulations.

RS-485 Port for Home Automation Systems

Option to use RS-485, the industry standard for advanced home automation system digital communications.

Smart Home Temperature Alerts

Did you know that AirTouch can send a temperature alert direct to your smartphone when home is getting too hot or cold and you are not there?

When you get this alert you can use the AirTouch app to turn your climate control on or off or adjust it to make sure home is comfortable for when you get home…or make sure the pets are comfy during the day!

*Requires optional ITC Sensors.
**Compatible units only.


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