New Kelvinator HWH Series

Introducing the newest and latest Kelvinator HWH Air Conditioning unit.

The latest offering from Kelvinator is the new Kelvinator HWH model. For over 100 years, Kelvinator has been delivering reliability and performance to families. It’s a brand you can trust to get the job done well and it’s easy to see why. There’s peace of mind in knowing that with Kelvinator, you will be comfortable for years to come. Discover the perfect blend of functional design and practical innovation. An air conditioner that looks great and performs well is an asset to your home and makes life that much more enjoyable. Whether you live in the country or on the coast, in a house or an apartment, there is a Kelvinator air conditioner to suit your needs. What’s more, our air conditioners are easy to keep clean, simple to use and sensitive to the environment, your family and your energy bill.

Designed for simplicity, longevity and superior performance, you can simply sit back and enjoy the benefits.

The new Kelvinator HWH models are the same as the previous HRH models however are now Wi-Fi enabled.

Kelvinator Connect allows you to be smarter with your heating and cooling needs from any location with your smart device.

Kelvinator Connect allows you to be smarter with your heating and cooling needs from any location with your smart device.

At your convenience, turn the unit on or off, change temperatures, control modes and adapt fan speeds to best meet your comfort needs – anything you can do with the remote control you can now do with your phone.

The Kelvinator Home Comfort App provides you the convenience to remotely change temperature, turn the unit on & off, and create custom schedules. Kelvinator Connect is only available on reverse cycle and not cooling only models.

Brand  All Kelvinator products go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet stringent Australian performance and quality standards.

Quality  Kelvinator air conditioners are built for the harsh and varied Australian climate. With corrosion resistance on both the indoor and outdoor units, you can relax knowing that your air conditioner will last no matter where you live.

Heritage With over 100 years’ experience in refrigeration systems, you know your Kelvinator is a product backed by years of innovation and the highest standards of quality.

Warranty For added peace of mind, all Kelvinator air conditioners feature a five-year parts and labour warranty. This applies to all systems purchased at an approved stockist or retailers, properly sized for the selected room and correctly installed by a licenced installer.

 Expertise  Kelvinator air conditioners are backed by our national Customer Care Centre, which covers delivery, home service and spare parts.

Easy, breezy cooling and heating With user-friendly features like wireless connectivity, LCD remote control, multiple fan speeds and a 24-hour timer, operating your Kelvinator air conditioner will be simple and easy.

A breath of fresh air with advanced air filtration Enjoy improved air quality with a combination of 3 filters. A high-density dust filter which filters and collects dust from the airstream is combined with 2 additional special filters. The Bio-HEPA filter purifies the air by eliminating 95% of bacteria and captures 99% of particles down to 0.3µm while the ion filter freshens the air to ensure cleaner, fresher air in your home.

Create the perfect indoor environment  All Kelvinator split system air conditioners feature inverter technology. This ensures quiet and efficient operation, while maintaining the desired room temperature at all times. Set the Follow Me mode and your air conditioner will set the temperature to wherever the remote control is located ensuring personalised comfort. Plus, Turbo Mode provides fast cooling and heating when you need it most.

Energy efficiency  With built-in features such as high efficiency DC componentry and inverter technology these air conditioners use less power than ever before. With some models reaching a 5-star energy rating, year round comfort can be more affordable for you and your family.

PeakSmart technology Energy-saving PeakSmart technology reduces energy consumption when the electricity network reaches peak demand. Get $200 cashback from Energex if you choose to have a meter installed on any air conditioning unit greater than 5Kws.



  • The indoor unit features a display indicating the selected temperature that fades away when switched off using the remote control.
  • Additional motors allow auto swing up-down in 6-degree increments while left-right directions can be adjusted manually, providing excellent air diffusion.
  • The design of the indoor unit has allowed a wider fan to be installed that moves the same amount of air but at a lower fan speed. This has reduced the noise level of the indoor unit.
  • The Kelvinator HWH model has a hidden display can be toggled on or off with the touch of the LED button on the remote. When on, it will display the temperature set and if there is a fault, an error code will be displayed.
  • The Sleep function automatically gently increases or decreases (reverse cycle models in heating mode) the temperature to adjust to your needs for a peaceful night’s sleep. Energy consumption is also reduced, whilst keeping the temperature at a comfortable level.
  • Follow Me -Most air cons measure the temperature at the Indoor Unit (IDU). The Kelvinator H Series can measure the temperature exactly where you are, through the remote. Once activated the controller sends a temperature reading to the IDU every 3 minutes, ensuring reliable delivery of the temperature you ask for.
  • Auto Reverse Cycle – When cooling or heating, Auto Mode will logically choose the ideal settings by sensing the variance between ambient and set temperature. And on reverse cycle models the air con will automatically switch between heating and cooling depending on the requirements.
  • Sleep Mode gradually alters room temperature while you sleep to suit your bodies requirements.
  • Chill Protection maintains minimum room temperature (8°C), keeping the chill at bay.
  • Turbo Function works to cool or heat the room in the shortest possible time.
  • Auto Off – Set running time, ensuring the air con is never accidentally left on.
  • LED – Turns off screen display + silences alerts.
  • Air Flow Technology – This Kelvinator HWH model has electrical vertical swing with 6-degree increments with manual horizontal adjustment for tailored air distribution.
  • Dual louvers reduce the airflow angle for targeted distribution.
  • Auto close will close the louvers when the unit is powered.


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