MyAir Series 5 Ducted Zoning System

Ducted Air Conditioning with the MyAir Series 5 Managment System.

Since 1990 Advantage Air have been designing and supplying air conditioning zoning systems in Australia.

The MyAir Series 5 is their latest product and it features allow the maximum control of your ducted air conditioning system allowing up to 10 zones to be individually temperature controlled and full control of the air conditioning unit through the 8 inch touchpad or your phone.

Most houses have at least 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, dining and lounge room.

Most households have at least 4 people.

This means that only 4 rooms are being used at any one time.

The air conditioning unit size is determined by how many rooms will be used at any given time as most people do not intend to run all rooms at the same time.

We then ‘zone’ the rooms that you want control over.

A zone is usually controlled by a button. Pushing the button allows the air to start or stop flowing to the grills on the zone. The button activates a zone motor which shuts inside the ductwork preventing air flowing through the duct and grill.

The trouble with this is that the main air conditioning unit will sense the temperature at the thermostat. This is normally located on the wall controller or in the return air. The return air is the big grill in your house normally situated in a central location such as a hallway or living area.

Upstairs areas and west facing rooms usually heat up faster than the other areas so you will find you have hot and cold areas around your home. People have different tolerances for air conditioning as well, some like it cooler or warmer than other people.

The way we overcome these problems are with a MyAir Series 5 system.

This system allows you to control the amount of air going into each zone – you can manually change how much air goes into each zone from 5-100%.

Or if you add temperature control sensors to each room you can have each room set at a different temperature and let the air conditioning unit take care of the rest.

Adding motion sensors means air will not be wasted into rooms where there is nobody there.

The My Air Series 5 system comes with an 8-inch tablet touch-pad which can be rotated on the wall in landscape or portrait mode. As it runs the Android operating system you can also load your favourite apps. Wake up to the weather report or your emails. Connect your favourite music streaming app and use the tablet to push music to your sound system.

You can even add MyLights to the system which allows you to control the lighting in your house.

And for even more accessibly, download the app for your iPhone or android phone to allow you to control the air conditioning unit from your smartphone.

Click the below links for more information:

MyAir User Guide

MyLights information

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