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  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners Australia

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Gold Coast Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Gold Coast Air Conditioning has been supplying quality air conditioning units to the Gold Coast for almost 20 years. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have delivered engineering excellence for over 130 years across three main industries: power systems, industry…

    2 years ago

  • Gold Coast Air Conditioning Reviews

    At Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning we have found that good customer service equals good customer reviews. Many of our happy customers have provided us with many 5 star google reviews.  This is why we have more Gold Coast air conditioning reviews than all…

    2 years ago

  • Mitsubishi Electric 9Kw

      Mitsubishi Electric 9Kw Good news the new Mitsubishi Electric 9Kw inverter, reverse cycle air conditioning unit is finally available. The MSZ-AS90VGD indoor unit is matched with the MUZ-AS90VGD outdoor unit providing the largest high wall split system Mitsubishi Electric have ever produced. The unit…

    2 years ago

  • What size Air Conditioner best suits me?

    Helping Gold Coasters choose the correct Air Conditioning Unit suitable to their individual needs! 2.5Kw for a bedroom, 5Kw for a garage sized room and a 7Kw for a big lounge. Sounds simple enough and in some cases that might work however there are other…

    2 years ago

  • Air Conditioning Remote Symbols Settings

    Does your air conditioning remote scare you? Do you only press the power button and maybe the temperature up or down arrows in fear you may muck up the setting? Read on to find what your air conditioning remote symbols mean and what they do.…

    3 years ago

  • Fujitsu KMTC

      Introducing the newest and latest Fujitsu KMTC air conditioning unit. Fujitsu General Australia strives to consistently provide high quality, energy efficient, reliable products accompanied by superior customer service. To be ‘Australia’s Favourite Air’ means to be the best air conditioning company to deal with…

    4 years ago

  • New Kelvinator HWH Series

    Introducing the newest and latest Kelvinator HWH Air Conditioning unit. The latest offering from Kelvinator is the new Kelvinator HWH model. For over 100 years, Kelvinator has been delivering reliability and performance to families. It’s a brand you can trust to get the job done…

    4 years ago

  • Air Conditioning Installation Specialist

    Air Conditioning Installation Specialist Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning are your Air Conditioning Installation Specialist. We believe the customer always comes first and strive to meet the clients needs. The installation team is made up of specialists who have worked within the industry for…

    5 years ago

  • Mitsubishi Electric Split System – AP Series

    Introducing the newest addition to the Mitsubishi Electric split system, wall mounted line up. The Mitsubishi Electric AP Model   I’m not sure how Mitsubishi choose the letters to define their models but I’m guessing the AP stands for Aesthetically Pleasing, because this new model…

    5 years ago

  • Air Conditioning Energy Star Rating

    What Is The Air Conditioning Energy Star Rating? The air conditioning energy star rating is an indicator of how efficient an appliance is compared to a similar product of the same size. This air conditioning energy star rating is based on standardised testing which is…

    5 years ago

  • Air Conditioning EER and COP

    Air Conditioning EER and COP The air conditioning EER and COP numbers are a quick way of seeing how energy efficient an air conditioning unit is. Choosing the correct size and type of heating or cooling system can have a huge impact on the household…

    6 years ago

  • Ducted Air Conditioning with the AirTouch 3 Management System.

    Meet AirTouch 3. The smartest ducted air control system yet. With its stylish touch screen display and remote App control from your smart device, the all new AirTouch 3 is an integrated, all in one control for your air conditioning unit, as well as being…

    7 years ago

  • Inverter Air Conditioning

    Inverter Air Conditioning What Is Inverter Air Conditioning? Not to long ago an air conditioning compressor had one speed – these are now referred to as non-inverter, fixed speed or conventional air conditioning units. Non inverter or Fixed speed air conditioning units deliver a fixed…

    7 years ago

  • Back to Back Air Conditioning

      What Is A Back to Back Installation? On the Gold Coast, air conditioning is a must. With our hot and humid climate most of the year, having an air conditioning unit can make the difference between tossing and turning all night and having a good…

    7 years ago

  • How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

    How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit Like most things, air conditioning units need regular maintenance. Without this regular air conditioning cleaning your air conditioning unit can suffer from an increase in electricity bills and a decline in performance. A decline in performance puts unnecessary…

    7 years ago

  • Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast

    Air Conditioning Installation Gold Coast Air conditioning installation Gold Coast - We have been providing air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast since 1995. At Coastal Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning, we have a commitment to educating our customers on the various equipment and components available…

    7 years ago

  • MyAir Series 5 Ducted Zoning System

    Ducted Air Conditioning with the MyAir Series 5 Managment System. Since 1990 Advantage Air have been designing and supplying air conditioning zoning systems in Australia. The MyAir Series 5 is their latest product and it features allow the maximum control of your ducted air conditioning system allowing up to…

    7 years ago

  • Savings On Air Conditioning Running Costs

    Air conditioning running costs are one of the biggest user of electricity in the household. See our hints and tips for saving money when running your air conditioning unit. TEMPERATURE SETTINGS – Set the wall controller or remote control to 24 degrees for cooling and…

    7 years ago

  • How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Filters

    How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Filters All air conditioning units have filters and all air conditioning filters need cleaning or replacing. These are to filter the air as it gets sucked and recycled through the indoor fan coil. The filters job is to catch…

    8 years ago

  • Air Con Is Not Working, Broken or Faulty

    Air con is not working. Air con is not working or doesn't seem to be performing like it should? Sometimes the simplest things could be the cause of the problem. Are the batteries good on the air conditioning remote control? Is the remote control mode set to…

    8 years ago

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Air Conditioning Maintenance Trying to sleep on a hot, humid Gold  Coast summers night can be extremely uncomfortable and can significantly reduce sleep. Or being stuck in a humid, sticky office or living room on a hot day can also be  uncomfortable and can significantly reduce productivity,…

    8 years ago

  • Split Vs Ducted Air Conditioning

    Split Vs Ducted Air Conditioning   Split Vs Ducted Air Conditioning. Which one is best for you? Renovating or building a new house, replacing an old air conditioning unit or maybe installing air conditioning for the first time? It is very important that your new…

    8 years ago

  • Air Conditioning Tips

    Air Conditioning Tips Air conditioning tips and hints to get the most out of your air conditioning unit. 1.     If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, ask us about a PeakSmart compatible unit. This will regulate the output of the system…

    9 years ago

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